October 2007

No play on too-nts boise-fresno game. After getting fisted last night, a day off seems like the best bet i can make.

Saturday’s plays-

USF -4 @ Uconn – Uconn is 6-0 against the spread this season. That ends vs. a USF team out for blood.

North Carolina @  Wake Forest -6 – Riley Skinner might be the most underrated QB in the nation. Wake is well coached and solid along both Lines.  6 points is too low. Take the Deacons.

usc @ Oregon -3 – Fuck sc. That offense is trash and won’t be able to keep up with Dixon and Stewart.

Georgia @ Florida -7.5    – The line has dropped from 10 during the week which makes sense since its a rivalry game on a neutral field, but I need to have money riding on Tebow so I’ll go with the Gators. I’ll likely go big on the Florida -4.5 in the 1st half as well.

Btw, for as fucked up a state as Florida is (causing the destruction of the world due to the 00 elections)…….Georgia is like their retarded brother.  This Genarlow Wilson Story is out of hand. Its great he’s finally going to get out. but his life has already been ruined.  What a fucking joke.

Advantage: Florida

Clemson -3  @ Maryland – Ralph Friedgen is a terrible coach and Maryland is overvalued by Vegas in this game.  Clemson wins this easily.

UCLA -6  @ wazzu – Dorrell is the master of the unexpected and an easy blowout victory is something no one expects.

West Virginia -6 @ Rutgers &  OVER 57 – WVA is the shit. Definitley going to be on them in the 1st half as well. I really hope they show up.

Ohio State @ Penn State +4 – Penn State is like a different team at home and Ohio State has beaten  exactly ZERO quality opponents this season.

Cal +3 @ Arizona State & OVER 60.5 – I’m not sure which play I like better. Probably the over but  I fully expect Cal to win this game. They don’t put up less than 6 touchdowns this game.  This game has the potential to go over 100….60 is shockingly low.

Missippi St. @ Kentucky -13.5 – UK played with Florida the whole game but just simply weren’t good enough to beat the Gators. MSU should be like baking cake for UK after last week.

South Carolina @ Tennessee -3 – I’m not quite sure what the deal is with either team but I’ll take the senior QB and home field advantage.  Altho every time I go against The Ole Ball Coach, I lose. Fuck.

Indiana +8.5 @ Wisconsin & OVER 58 – Kellen Lewis & James Hardy are about as good a QB -WR combo in the country. I think they can keep it close and put up a lot of points vs. a suspect Wisconsin defense.


V-Tech -3. Big.


Update: its always fun making the biggest bet of your lfie, dominating the game for 55 minutes and then watching your team go limp like they saw rosie o’donnel naked. good times.

I know its the side Vegas wants me to take but sometimes they’re wrong, hopefully tonight is one of those times.

USF -2 @ Rutgers

Last Week: 7-4

Overall: 37-31

Navy and Wake Forrest came through big time for me this week. I’m going to try and go 3 for 3 on weeknight games with SJSU +17, but something tells me Hawaii blows them the fuck out. Can’t lay 17 on the road tho and I’m a degenerate so Go Spartans.

Saturday’s Picks:

Louisville+10 @ Cincinatti & OVER 66.5 – Brohm should get both his receivers back, and The Lou needs to make a statement that they’re still an elite Big East team. The line is pretty shocking so maybe Cinci dominates, which is possible considering how bad The Lou’s defense is, but I’ll ride Brohm and +10 any day. The MoneyLine is +340, which is definitley worth a shot.

LSU @ Kentucky +9.5 & OVER 54.5 – Woodson fisted me vs. South Carolina two weeks ago, so hopefully he doesn’t cunt it up again. That game hurt but wasn’t enough to knock me off the Kentucky bandwagon just yet.

Illinois -4.5 @ Iowa – I probably shouldn’t bet this game, but the Illini have been great to me so far this season and Iowa is god damn terrible.

Auburn @ Arkansas -3 – The Hogs have the best player in the country, are playing at home and the line reversed in their favor with 58% of the public on Auburn yet the line rose from 2.5 to 3. It might not hit, but I like the chances. Plus, Auburn is going to be without their best defensive player who got hurt vs. Florida.

Washington +12.5 @ Arizona State & OVER 54 – The total seems way too low for how good the QB’s are and how mediocre the defenses are. Its all on Locker for Udub to cover, so I like those odds.

Arizona +21 @ usc & UNDER 57 – Its mindboggling the total in this game is higher than it is in the Washington game. Both defenses should control the game, so I definitely like the under. sc is starting their 3rd string center, their QB is making his first career start and their top 2 gamebreaking RB’s are out, so Arizona should be able to keep it with 21.

Overal Season Record: 30-27

Wisconsin @ Illinois -2.5 & OVER 52– There is no reason a top 5 ranked team should be a dog to an unranked team. Actually, there is one reason. Vegas is begging people to take Wisci.  I’ve been on the Illini bandwagon for a few weeks now and they’ve been good to me so I’m not about to stop now. Throwing the OVER in as well because I don’t think either D can stop the other offense.

West Virginia -27 @ Syracuse – WVA is due and are a terrible matchup for Cuse.

Virginia Tech +5 @ Clemson – Its stupid to bet against Clemson at home but I think Vtech can take this outright with their new QB so getting 5 seems like a good bet.

Georgia @ Tennessee + 1.5 – Everyone is on Georgia which means I’ll go with Vegas ans take the Vols. Ainge and a home game, UT should take this.

Florida +7 @ LSU – Not sure how Auburn pulled off the W. Maybe they just have Florida’s number or UF was looking ahead to this game. Either way, The Gators should make this competitive. Tebow is too good and LSU’s QB is playing on a gimpy ankle.

Notre Dame @ UCLA -22 – The line is going up despite the public being on ND.   I don’t think ND will be able to hang. The game will probably be close early, cuz thats how UCLA rolls, but the Bruins will put on a run at the end to blow it out.

Nebraska +6  @ Missouri – Big 12 sucks but Nebraskas D will eventually figure it out and that offense isn’t bad. It might be worth taking Nebraska ML at +210.

Kansas @ Kansas St. -3.5 – Definitely a shady line but Kstate is at home and has the better QB so I’ll go with them.

Oklahoma vs. Texas UNDER 54 – The line itself is too much to know what to do with, but both teams should come out angry and with a lot of emotion so I expect it to be a defensive battle, as it usually is between these two.

Last Week: 5-7

Overall: 28-27

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Return of the College Poon

It’s nice of ESPN to schedule a game worth watching. Very kind of them.

UK @ South Carolina. 3 factors go into this bet. Quarterback play – Coaching – Home Field advantage…in that order.

All three are obvious for this game. Kentucky has the clear advantage with Andre Woodson but SC has Spurrier and, well, they’re playing at home, so yah, they get the check mark for Home Field. Thats how these things work.

The HFA varies on the visiting team. Kentucky, with Woodson, knows they can compete with SC, no matter where the game is played. So throw that factor out cuz it is not that significant with an experienced team and a 4 year starter at QB. Normally I’d go with Spurrier, but he usually isn’t going up against the best QB in the country. I’ve been on Woodson’s bandwagon for a few years now, and im sure as fuck not jumping off tonight.

I’m biased, but here is hoping for a Kentucky win, catapulting Woodson to the top of the Heisman list:

Kentucky +4


Update: TWO Fucking Defensive Touchdowns of r South Carolina locked the game up.  Woodson also threw a pick at the goalline that woulda put Kentucky in control. Fuck. 

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