June 2008

Spain vs. Germany should be outstanding tomorrow, but without a doubt, the highlight of the tournament was Turkey.

They started with a comeback win versus the Czech Republic.  A loss and they would have gone home:

The final two goals came in the 80 & 90th minutes, respectively.

In the quarters, they were underdogs vs. Croatia. The teams played a scoreless tie for 117 minutes, and then this happened:

Croatia scored with 3 minutes left seemingly locking the win up. With less than 30 seconds left, Turkey’s goalie launched a 60 yard pass downfield, and the Turkish player controlled it and scored.

In the semis they were huge underdogs to Germany:

Klose’s goal put Germany up 2-1 in the 80th minute. Turkey tied it up in the 86th and then Germany put it away in the 90th. There would be no miracle comeback for the Turks this time.

And other than the play on the pitch, the best part of Euro Cup 2008 was, as it is with any International Soccer Tournament, the Eye-Candy in the stands: http://euro2008girls.com/

German VS Spanish - Euro 2008 GIRLS

Portuguese girl

Portuguese girl

Swedish girl

Spanish girl - Euro 2008

Swedish girls

Swedish football  girls

Austrian girl

Spanish girl - Euro 2008 GIRLS

Swedish girl - Euro 2008 GIRLS

Swedish girls


Nah, not the NBA Draft*

The military draft. Apparently John McCain might… “consider it”. Good to know.

The Youtube video below which was added today has just 25 views so far. Something tells me that number is going to skyrocket over the next few weeks:

*OJ Mayo is going to be a bust


At least we’ve got this comin back next year…

Considering where the Lakers were at last year*, on the verge of trading Kobe and turning into the Raiders of the NBA, there is nothing to be bummed about. The Lake-show is now set up for the forseeable future as the class of the NBA. Losing in the finals sucked, but it’ll make stomping Boston’s ass next year that much sweeter.

*two things about that link:

  1. I’m a fucking idiot for thinking Bynum needed to be traded
  2. The Lakers will come damn close next year to putting the prototype of my dream-team on the court next year when Phil runs the following players together: 6’10 Odom, 7’0 Pau, 7’1 Bynum, 6’6 Kobe, 6’8 Ariza

They win easily on Sunday.

Barely pull out game 6.

Dominate game 7.


He kind of reminds me of Mitch Hedberg, except he’s sober, uses pictures and music in his act………and is sober.