July 2007

one word for the clip below : awesome

I really enjoy how they keep coming at him. By the time he drops the third straight guy you’d assume they’d be smart enough to realize its a lost cause but thankfully they’re not.

No post about Flying Fists is complete without Whitey whooping some Vato ass. Even tho he doesn’t throw any fists………… Elbows > Fists.


So James was on Kimmel last week and the topic of his new son came up. James named him Bryce-Maximus ……… after Russel Crowes character in Gladiator. You can’t really go wrong if you take anything from Gladiator and apply it to your own life……(other than the incest……im not judging……his sister was hawt)……and Maximus is definitely a great name, but I always figured if I’d name something I love “Maximus” it’d be my dog or something that wouldn’t one day find out you named it after a character in an effing movie.

If I was religious, July 17th would the holiest day of the year. Like Christmas for the Christians or Hannukah for the Jews.

Some people claim Christmas and Hannukah really aren’t that holy, at least not compared to Easter Day or Yom Kippur. But really, whats more important, gettings cool gifts or celebrating the death resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If I was Christian, I know which day I would consider more important.

Back to the point. NCAA 2008 comes out today. He-uuuuuuuuge Upgrade. The game is what the iphone would be if it gave blowjobs. Awethome.



Thanks LaSportsFan from BRO for the upgraded cover. Hey John David, don’t forget to cup the balls.

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The best way to describe Soccer is as the World’s Religion. Nothing brings people together (other than America) like Futbol does. It is truly a remarkable phenomenon that can’t be appreciated fully unless you’re a part of it.

The impact Futbol has on people’s lives shouldn’t be underestimated. Not when miracles* occur because of it. What other sport can you claim that about?

Fanhouse had a link to this Vanity Fair Article telling the story of how Didier Drogba and The Beautiful Game managed to end a 5 year civil war that, like most Religious War’s, seemed to have no end in site.

*4th Paragraph reads – “Mr. Konate says many Ivorians believe the civil war started in 2002 because they had turned away from religion. He says they now believe only a miracle from God can save the country.”

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After last years summer embarrassment aka Dane Cook’s piece of shit show, HBO has redeemed itself with Flight of the Conchords.

Considering its streak of kickass shows, HBO was due for a letdown, and the fact that Cook was exposed as a fraud means his show wasn’t a complete and total failure, altho it was damn close.

The music on Flight of the Conchords is great, but the dialogue between the charactarsers is what makes the show. And the accents don’t hurt. Funny accents are always an upgrade.

Here’s a song from the most recent episode:

And by that I mean either when a Victoria’s Secret Model is smoking one or if you’re drunk.

Other than that, cigs are the suck. So unless you’re drunk all the time or you’re a Supermodel, being addicted to cancer sticks is unacceptable.

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“We sell cigarettes. They’re cool, available and addictive. The job is almost done for us. ”

Besides being a complete beast on the basketball court, Elton Brand is apparently also a kick-ass movie producer.

His new movie “Rescue Dawn” stars Christian Bale and is about a soldier trying to escape a POW camp in Vietnam. Its more Thin Red Line, than Black Hawk Down, so it might be boring slow compared to your normal War Film, but how can you go wrong with Batman kicking Charlie’s ass.

Here’s the link to the films website

And this is a link to an article about it from the NYDaily News.

Link to a user review from Yahoo

Its release is limited to LA and NY for now. It opens nation wide on the 20th.

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