It’s nice of ESPN to schedule a game worth watching. Very kind of them.

UK @ South Carolina. 3 factors go into this bet. Quarterback play – Coaching – Home Field advantage…in that order.

All three are obvious for this game. Kentucky has the clear advantage with Andre Woodson but SC has Spurrier and, well, they’re playing at home, so yah, they get the check mark for Home Field. Thats how these things work.

The HFA varies on the visiting team. Kentucky, with Woodson, knows they can compete with SC, no matter where the game is played. So throw that factor out cuz it is not that significant with an experienced team and a 4 year starter at QB. Normally I’d go with Spurrier, but he usually isn’t going up against the best QB in the country. I’ve been on Woodson’s bandwagon for a few years now, and im sure as fuck not jumping off tonight.

I’m biased, but here is hoping for a Kentucky win, catapulting Woodson to the top of the Heisman list:

Kentucky +4

Update: TWO Fucking Defensive Touchdowns of r South Carolina locked the game up.  Woodson also threw a pick at the goalline that woulda put Kentucky in control. Fuck.