The problem for Hillary is that the message she is sending out is about herself. Why she is qualified. What she has done in the past. What she will do in the future.

With Obama, it’s about America.

To any democrats supporting Hillary, please step into the light and come to your senses. This country needs another Clinton in charge like it needs another Bush.

It is not as though the first Clinton administration worked out for the Democratic Party.

The Party suffered under the leadership of Bill Clinton. They lost the house and senate and then managed to lose the Presidency to an embarrassment like DUBYA.
So now that we’re finally back on top, ready to thrive and take control after 8 miserable years, these god damn morons want to GO BACK to the Clintons and suffer the SAME fate we experienced the last time a Clinton was in charge.

Anyways, it looks like Clinton is fucked. You just don’t recover from getting swept 10-0 in two weeks. Not in any competition where WINNING is the only thing that matters.