All in all its a damn shitty weekend of CFB. There are only 2 games that actually matter: TooNtes WVA – USF Big Least showdown and Cal – Oregon – which is shaping up to be the most entertaining game of the season. Other than that, powerhouse matchups like Clemson vs. Gtech and Bama vs. FSU are the best games of the weekend. Ugh.

The Picks:

WVA @ USF OVER 56 – USF’s QB Grothe is solid so i expect USF to be able to put up points with WVA. USF beat WVA last season byshutting down their offense, but that just means WVA will be that much more amped to show last seasons game was a fluke. I’d consider jumping on WVA first half or on the second half if they’re down at halftime.

Cal +6.5 @ Oregon & OVER 72 – With the line getting bumped up from 3.5 to 6.5, this is obviously one of those games where Vegas is begging people to jump on Cal. Well this is one of those times I need to tell Vegas to go fuck itself, cuz their plan worked. Both offenses are the shit and neither defense is anything more than mediocre. I won’t be suprised if the total breaks 100.

Auburn @ Florida -17 – Its funny how everyone is sleeping on Florida this year. With Tebow as the full time QB their offense is much better and its fucking Florida, of course the defense is full of big time studs. This is UF’s last home game till early November and Auburn is bad this season, really bad. Florida should have this covered by halftime.

UCLA +2 @ Oregon State & UNDER 53 – I really like UCLA’s defensive matchup vs. pOSU’s offense. pOSU relies on balance so they’ll keep going to the run even when it doesn’t work cuz abandoning it and going to a pass happy offense just isn’t an option for them. And trust this, they will not be able to run the ball. Plus, pOSU just lost their best receiver. Advantage: UCLA. I’d feel A LOT more confident with St. Patrick at QB but Big Ben will get it done. He has a lot to improve on in terms of field awareness but I’m mildly optimistic he’s going to bounce back from his injury with a solid performance. I really hope the team and Dorrell finally understand that EVERY SINGLE FUCKING GAME is a must win.

Penn State @ Illinois +3 – The line opened at 3.5. That was the first red flag if you wanted to bet on Penn State. Of course Vegas knows the public is going to hammer Penn State hard with a line that low. And the Public has, with 86% on Penn State. Yet the line moved down from 3.5 to 3. *REVERSE LINE MOVE ALERT* – I have yet to see a single Illinois snap this season (I do my best to avoid Big 10 games) – but my gut tells me they pull off the upset. This is the first big football game at Illinois in like 3 centuries or something. I’m not sure thats the exact time frame, but its been a while.

usc @ Washington +20 – This is part hatred for sc and part love for Jake Locker. He’s a mobile QB. If you have any chance of covering (let alone beating) sc you have to have a mobile QB. Udub’s strength on defense is their LB’s which tells me they might be able to matchup decently with sc’s attack.

Louisville -8 @ NC State – I’m definitely going to be on The Lou in the first half as well. Two losses in a row means Louiville is out to rape some skull on Saturday.

Colorado State +10 @ TCU – Honestly, Sonny Lubick is a horrendous head coach. There’s really no reason for me to bet on them considering how hard they fucked me with their choke job vs. Houston a couple weeks back. That said, the players on CSU are legit, its just a shame their so poorly coached. I mean CSU’s coaching staff is really really really bad. Despite knowing this, I can’t help myself.

Clemon -3 @ G-Tech – Finally get to see if Clemsons young QB is legit. Altho with the offensive talent Clemson has surrounding him he would have to be Reggie Ball bad not to be able to get it done. I don’t know what happened with Gtech last week vs. Virginia, and I don’t want to know. Fuck them.

Last Week: 6-5

Season: 23-20