South Carolina + 17 @ LSU – 4 words. The Ole Ball Coach. He’s been flying under the radar, but as long as he is coaching, hes easily top 5 in the Country. LSU is worth the hype, but South Carolina should be able to make it a game and have a chance at a W, which they will most likely end up blowing.

Washington @ UCLA -6 – I have no clue what the fuck happened vs. Utah. Its an embarrassment KD will likely never live down unless he really shocks people this season and wins the Pac-10. But even then, it’ll always linger as a reminder of, yah, that shit really went down like that. What I do know is that UCLA will play hungry and bounce back. I’m sitting shotgun on the Jake Locker bandwagon but I think the UCLA offense will revert back to their performance against Stanford and light it up.

Illiniois -2.5 @ Idiana – I try to make a point of not betting on Big-10 games, but Zook is buidling a solid program at Illinois and since I’m a huge fan of Juice Williams and I think I may have heard they’ve got another QB thats even better, so either way, I’m confident Illinois’ QB will b able to pull it off on the road.

Penn State @ Michigan +3 – I think Michigan wins the Big 10 and goes to a BCS bowl. I wish I was kidding.

Georgia @ Alabama -3.5– Saban is officially the Bellichek of CFB. I liked Georgia at first glance but I wisened up real quick. Bama should take it.

Kentucky @ Arkansas OVER 66 – I really want to bet on Kentucky here, but its not safe. Arkansas is just too lethal and that Kentucky defense very likely won’t be able to hold up. That said, neither defense should be too effective. This game will be a lot of fun to watch. IF Kentucky manages to win, Andre Woodson should make the leap to a top 3 heisman candidate.

Iowa @ Wisconsin -7 – God Damnit. 3 Big Ten games. I know I’m going to regret this.

East Carolina @ WestVirginia OVER 59. I don’t really see how this game doesn’t go over which means it won’t.

Georgia Tech -3.5 @ Virginia – I think Vegas is putting too much value on the home game for Virginia. I’m pretty sure they’re simply not good enough to compete with G-Tech. It doesn’t matter where the game is played.

Colorado State +7- @ Houston – CSU has one of the most underrated QB in the country and a BRUISER at RB in Kyle Bell. The Moneyline at +260 is a solid bet as well.