Don’t nearly break hand out of frustration because of a fluke gambling loss.

It’s not officially football season until you get fucked so hard on a bet you actually wonder if God is sending a sign that maybe you should cut it out. Well fuck him and his signs.

Here’s the situation. 1st half bet on Miami -.5 and Under 22.5. $150 to win $400. I turn on the game and the scoreboard reads – Miami 14 – A&M 0 – 27 seconds left in the half. I’m already counting my money and trying to figure out what I should do for the second half.

A&M ball at their own 20 yard line. First play, fAggie RB Goodson fumbles the ball. Miami scores on a screen pass. 21-0, about 18 seconds left. That’s fine, I’m still winning the bet. The kickoff is short and goes to the fAggie center, who decides he’s going to be a hero and make a play. Wrong. He gets nailed, coughes up the ball like the douche that he is. Miami recovers, two players later Miami kicks a FG to go up 24-0.

30 seconds, 2 fumbles, 10 points and $500 down the drain. yah, that hurt. Thank God At least I didn’t end up breaking my hand, altho I came damn close since I mistook my TV for something that wouldn’t fight back. I shoulda picked on the puppie instead…

I would have pwned the Ewok lookin mutt.

As bad as two fumbles in 30 seconds to lose a bet was, it doesn’t top the Worst. Beat. Ever.*
That honor goes to the Giants-Titans game from last season. I’ve got the Giants in two bets, an 8 teamer that would have won 3,500 and a 2 teamer that would have won 1,500. (both numbers waaaaay above my pay grade) Giants are up 21-0 going into the 4th. All my other bets had hit so this was the final game. Long story short, Mathias Kiwanuka forgets he’s playing tackle football on a 4th down play that would have ended the game, King Vince takes over and my ass ends up feeling like it was just torn apart by a gang of Silverback Gorillas

*Poker Bad Beat stories are the suck. Football bad beat stories are the shit except when they happen to you.