7-1 last week. 7-4 on the season…….

Cal @ Colorado State OVER 62 – Cal’s offense is pretty much unstoppable. Their defense is young and vulnerable and CSU has probably the most underrated QB in the country in Caleb Hanie.

Oregon +7 @ Michigan & OVER 63 – Its only week 2 so Oregon is still a team to be reckoned with. But as usual the defense is soft so they better put up 40 if they want to beat Meeeeechigan.

South Carolina @ Georgia -3.5 – I learned my lesson last week. Georgia is legit at home.

Notre Dame @ Penn STate -17 – This game will be payback for Weiss’ uber-douche move last year when he ran a fake FG for a touchdown in the 4th Quarter with the game already out of hand.

Kent State @ Kentucky -13 – Kentucky is legit this season.

BYU @ UCLA -8.5 – Just don’t see BYU having the offensive firepower or athleticism on defense to stay with UCLA. This game might stay close as BYU is a well coached team, but eventually UCLA will put em away.

Virginia Tech +12 @ LSU & UNDER 38 – I hate Vtechs QB. The guy just sucks. But Xavier Adibi is the man, as are the rest of Vtech’s defensive players. The game could go over with a lot of turnovers so here is hoping for a bunch of field goals.

South Florida @ Auburn -7 – South Florida cost me a lot of money last season when they took West Virginia out, so they’re definitley capable of pulling the upset. But Auburn at home, getting their starting RB back should control the L.O.S. and win this one easily.