Thank god the NFL decided it would be a good idea to schedule a game worth watching to open the season this year.

Uber QBs + Uber-ly bad defenses = a good time for everyone.

7-1 last week (I’m including Udub from Friday). SHould have been 9-1 but I pussied out on the Gtech and Idaho games. What can I say, I’m a Pooh-Saiy

Tonights picks:

Saints + 6 @ Indy & OVER 53 – With Brees and Manning, the over actually feels too easy so that will probably fall short. 6 points is too much to give to that offense going up against a Colts defense that lost a lot. If Colts do win, itll be by a Vinatierri FG.

Oregon State -3 @ Cinci – Pac-10 rules. Big Least Sucks. God I love OOC road games.

Update : 0-3. Thats makes a lot more sense than 7-1. Fucking Brees turned into complete dog shit. w.t.f.