The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. This is Sam Presti. Hes the new GM of the Sonics. And he’s a certifiable Genius.

He drafted Kevin Durant, who is 6’10 and capable of playing the 2, 3 or eventually even the 4 once he bulks up in a few years. He then traded for Jeff Green, a 6’9 forward with guard skills who can match up at the 3 or 4. This is where the genius part comes in.  A normal douche GM that drafts 2 similar players, both of which also have a lot in common with free-agent-to-be-Rashard Lewis would mean that the team plans on letting  Lewis go. But when we’re dealing with a genius like Presti, it means he’s putting together the pieces to build a perfect team. Similar to the one that can be found  HERE.

According to Rick Bucher, Presti plans on re-signing Lewis and playing all 3 of them together,  each one interchangable with the other. Now thats some fucking vision.

God bless you Sam Presti. Lewis re-signing is not a done deal, but the Soncis can offer him the most money, so if they’re committed to brining him back and Lewis is commited to making as much money as he can, chances are I won’t look like a douche and have to go back and edit this post.