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The iPhone came out today. Upgrade.

I figure I’ll get one of these as soon as possible (the wait can’t be more than a month, can it?). The smart thing to do would be to wait for the first batch to come out, let Apple figure out all the defects and then buy one that won’t break down on me in 3 months. Thankfully I’m not that smart.

I’ve been going through ipod withdrawal since my first ipod’s battery shat out on me two years ago.

Saying no to the iphone cuz there might be defects would be like a crackhead saying no to Baltimore crack (thats what Baltimore is known for right?) cuz of the shit remnants from the rectum smuggle on the flight. Baltimore Crack is still outstanding Crack….shit stains be damned.

Update: so my sources tell me the iphone is actually a piece of shit thats not worth getting. And by sources I mean a link  from gorilla mask.

Suddenly paying half the price and getting 4 times as much memory with the Video-ipod makes a lot more sense.