Did you know there are actually 4 Branches of Government? Executive, Legislative, Judicial and………


Apparently, Checks and Balances don’t apply to him since he doesn’t consider himself a part of the executive branch. Here’ a link that sums up the situation quite well…

Cheney Names Himself Fourth Branch of Government.

I guess the time he shot a friend in the face and didn’t bother to tell anyone about it for 48 hours, not even Bush, should have been considered a red flag that he literally does not give a fuck. Or maybe the continuous lies he spews about Al-Queda being linked to Iraq pre-9/11. Or the illegal wire-taps. Or keeping Gitmo open so he can just throw suspects into a black hole as he pleases without giving them their due process.

But you gotta give the man props. His desire to shit all over the constitution is truly impressive.

The guy below is a hero. Fuck Dick Cheney is right: