Well that couldn’t have worked out better. Kevin Durant and Greg Oden will be residing on the Left Best Coast for the forseeable future. Oden ends up on a young team that fits him perfectly and Durant will get to team up with Rashard Lewis and Ray Ray Allen to create a shooting trifecta that would make even the suns envious.

I can’t even put into words how sick a combination Lewis and Durant will make. Jesus Christ. I have separate man crush’s on both of their games. Together, they might just be enough to turn me gay*.

And most importantly, Boston gets fucked in the ass with the #5 pick. If there was one thing I can’t handle its rooting for the Celtics (or any Boston team actually) so Durant going to shitty-ass Boston would have been shitty.

Upgrade on the Suns not getting a top 5 pick. Fuck that would have been awful.

I tried to find a clip of Durant on youtube but nothing did him any justice. Just imagine Chris Bosh with Tmac’s range, Steve Nash’s touch, Elton Brand’s length and Kobe’s competitiveness aka the perfect player.

*back into a Supersonics fan. Shawn Kemp for LYFE.

Special Emphasis on the Double Point after the final dunk. Kemp was the fucking man.