Update: Fuck. That. Shit. Fucking. Choke. Cunts.


Toooooo-NITE (you really have to have listened to the Petros and Money Show on am 570 for that to make any sense) the Waaaaaaaaaaaarriors get back to the business of pwning as they try to even up the series 1-1.

Game 1 turned out to be a Colossal Bust as the Warriors let a 6’6 PF and a Fat-Ass pointguard dominate them.

I expect the Waaaaaaaaaaaarriors to come back tonight, like the thugs they are, and put the Mormon State in its place. A couple of Baron Davis FADAH’S (white slang for fadaway) in the 4th should clinch it.

Hopefully Nelly will play the clip below for his team to show there is no reason Boozer should ever dominate them again like he did in Game 1.